Kailen S.

Camp Elevate 2014
When I came here, I was a broken man
Faced with my problems, I always ran
Self-harm, homosexuality, yet I kept living in a duality
Need it outta me, face reality
With’s God’s help I was transformed, reformed, Jesus came to me, no longer am I deformed
Cause I stroked the fire, saw more pain than you can even know
The tears, I was broken, Christ brought back my soul
I had no more desire to fight God’s flow
He broke me, then awoke me, my life is in His control
Christ died for me, it wont be for nothing
When I leave this mountain, I’m gonna do something
To raise His glory and make Him more known
Elevate has changed me, now I know I ain’t alone
Light it up, throw the black out, don’t back out
We’ll make Satan tap out. BLACKOUT.