Camp Elevate 2014

I want to thank the Elevate International staff, counselors, monitor, and even the cooks. This is my 3rd year at Elevate, but this experience was the best I have had. Now I know that God has a calling for me, because of Elevate, I now know what that calling is. God helped me be more open and I gave myself to him over these days.

I feel so happy, I feel like all the baggage I was carrying was gone. I fell lighter, I felt free and that's because you guys helped that happen. Elevate is my family and I hope to come next year and be a monitor or even a counselor and share my experience with the first time youth that come. God brought my calling to me and now I see more clearly and when I get off this mountain top, I'm going to use my calling on anyone and everyone that God desires.

Thank you guys for making this experience happen!