Amonah C.

Camp Elevate 2014

When I was little, my father left me and I would cry a lot. He never called, said hi, or even came and visit, and I’m 11 he left when I was like a baby. Now he comes when I’m 10. He was in jail for 10 years. When my mom signed me for Camp Elevate, I was complaining that I didn’t want to go, or it might be boring. Well it turns out that it is not boring and my first time in worship was amazing.

My third time was special because when they were praying in the front they started to play a song and all of a sudden I started to cry and someone from the staff came and prayed for me and said “when you breath it’s the Holy Spirit in me.” She prayed for me and I fell on the floor and started to cry more, but I heard someone say God loves you and He’ll never leave you, but no one was there. It was the holy spirit and the pain that I was holding for 11 years was gone and the wounds that I had were healed and I felt much better.

I want more kids to come to Elevate and worship God and it will change them to get closer to God and Jesus, so come to Elevate. I will change the way I speak to my mom cause I call her by her last name. I will change the way I act. So Elevate is an awesome camp. May God bless you.