Enyah A.

Elevate Remix 2014

I have gotten the opportunity to serve and help plan Remix for the past years and it has been nothing but a powerful and refreshing experience. It's the greatest joy to get to be a small part of the greatness that God has called Remix to be.

Attending Battleship gave me a clear understanding of the relationships that were meant to be in my life and I received a greater desire to go deeper in my relationship with God.

I personally have been empowered, transformed and blown away by Gods love and desire for me. And through that, Remix has been the vehicle in which God has steered my life. As a result, I know more than ever who I am and whose I am and in that, I'm able to live in complete freedom. I love being able to expose others to what God has allowed me to be a part of and am so excited to see what is to come!