Elevate Remix 2014

I’m going to try to make a long story short... My experience with Elevate Remix actually began one year before...I ‘stumbled’ onto a social media post of what God was doing at Remix 2013 and something within me was stirred - I knew I had to be there in 2014. Not ONE of my friends could come with me (from California)...and I started to get the feeling that this was something that I had to do on my own.

Although I registered still hoping that I could convince someone to come with or that I could connect with someone who was attending.  The doors I knocked on did not open, but I understood that it was God. I prayed for God to be in control of every detail of this little adventure. When I arrived at the retreat site I walked into one of the cabins for the thirty-somethings (HEYYY!) and was reunited with a young woman that I had worked with a few years back. I didn't know she was living in Arizona and she had no clue that I would be coming to this retreat in Arizona. When this happened I realized that God was trying to show me that He is in the details, that He sees and He cares about the things we care about.  I was so grateful that God would go to such lengths to show me that He’s got me! At this point no one had preached or taught a word or sang or played a note of music but God was already at work – He had been at work when I ‘stumbled’ upon the post the year before.

The rest of the weekend was amazing…worship and prophetic Word from Ps. William McDowell… teaching and fellowship during the day and a challenging Word from Ps. Chad Johnson.  Then Sunday morning…Ps. Darnell Gray preached a Word that I personally NEEDED to seal the deal – “leave it on the altar!” God demonstrated His sovereignty through the entire process. If you’re still thinking about it, still waiting for all of the circumstances to be just right, STOP.  Take a step of faith, trust God, trust His plans for you…He’s got you! See you on the mountain top!!!