David S.

Camp Elevate 2014

2014 was my first time at Camp Elevate and it was phenomenal. However, there was one night service that I had really encountered the presence of God. I have always been right in the the middle of events like this one, but never fully committed myself into giving into the presence of God.

Thursday night service I completely surrendered and just let go. Another camper prayed over me and felt a feeling of comfort. Afterwards, I stood up and stopped praying for a while just to look around me and see everyone else overwhelmed by God's presence that's how I wanted to feel, overwhelmed. So I got on my knees and raised my hands and seconds later I felt him. It was explainable. Not too much time passed before someone came and spoke over me and just started speaking to me these words, "you're forgiven."

I came to camp and told no one why or what I did before I came. I was into weed and interested in psychedelic drugs. My problem was I enjoyed it and did not want to stop so never truly asked for forgiveness which made me feel the weight of being unforgiven, but this complete stranger to me came to me and told me I was forgiven and while I was in tears, stood me up and told me "no shame." I will never forget that moment and that feeling. I had received exactly what I was looking for and all I did was just give in to Jesus.