Lauren B.

Elevate Remix 2015

I never could ever convince myself that I was pretty , everyday I would look at myself in the mirror I felt ashamed , so I was afraid of looking . I felt that way because I was bullied all my life.

When I was on the mountain top I finally was able to breathe. I cried to Jesus to find my heart . He told me that I shouldn't be ashamed of who I am, he said one day someone will walk into my life and show me how beautiful I really am , and all those word will be washed away. I  finally find that light , that light that has guided me through the rain . I cried because it's not just exciting it's beautiful.

I have found myself through all these years . I have a new soul a new heart and the right mind to know how to love . Because behold God , has loved me , long before my mother knew my name (: