R. B.

Elevate Remix 2015

Attending Elevate this year was probably the best decision I have made in a while. On the way to Elevate so many negative thoughts filled my heart, mind, and I honestly just didn't feel like I have a purpose on this earth. My heart was filled with anger and I felt like I would never be able to love and open up in relationships in general because of past disappointments. I knew in my mind God loved me but in my heart I didn't feel it because so many other bitter emotions were within me.

On Friday night I let that all go and from this day forward I know that I am immersed in God's love. I'm usually very hesitant to cry in public because I worry about who is watching, but at Elevate I felt so at peace and comfortable. Being around so many young people who are chasing after God's heart as much as I am was such a beautiful and uplifting experience.

As young people of God it's important to foster relationships with people who you can connect with spiritually because there are so many things of this world that can cause you to stray from walking in the will of God. I met some people who I plan to stay connected to and continue to grow spiritually with.

To Pastor Chad and the entire team... This retreat gave me hope and confirmed that God has a divine purpose for me in this world. I appreciate you all so very much...

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