Elevate Remix 2015

This was the 4th year I've attended Elevate Remix and every year God has made a special deposit in my heart!

This year I had huge expectations for what I wanted/needed to see God work out. As the retreat went on I kept asking God for "my moment". Throughout the breakout sessions, worship and free time God ended up giving me more than just a "moment". I received so many answers to things all at once. The crazy thing is that all of the questions I had were answered by the same phrase. The answer/phrase that I got was " because I love you!" I know it sounds simple but that phrase changed my life. When I find myself asking God " Why this?" and " Why that?" that phrase leads my back to the perfect love that only God can give. I'll ask God "Why? " and my mind almost immediately starts thinking things like" because I love you and I don't want you to settle" or " because I love you and I want to protect you from the things you can not see." 

I want to thank everyone who orchestrated and attended this years Remix. Each of you brought something special to the mountain top and I pray that everyone came down with something spectacular!