Camp Elevate 2016
 This was my 4th year in a row up at camp and I have experienced something different every time.

This year I received a word from a leader on the E.I team and she said to me "The Lord just wants to let you know that he is proud of you for not giving in even when it seemed like the easier path to go down. He has seen your faithfulness and obedience with even the smallest things. He has seen the boldness that you have had to step into an atmosphere and stand out as a leader. He has also seen the amazing role model you have been for your family and he also knows the strength you have had in honoring him even when the easier thing to do would have been to be disobedient."

When she told me this I broke out crying because it is beautiful to know that my lifestyle is pleasing to The Lord and the fact that I make my king happy & proud just makes me smile. Thank you Elevate International for hosting a spirit filled camp and above all for helping establish the kingdom of God in my generation.

#EYL #Legendary #LetItBeKnown #CampElevate2016 #YourKingdomYourWillBeDoneHereAsInHeaven 

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