Lauren B.

Elevate Remix 2017
There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe the mountaintop , other than late night worships and altar calls that had every knee bowed before Christ. To the early morning get out of bed wake the rest of your cabin devotions. It's official the lord was there.

And finally realizing that all this time I needed to be rooted in more of the understanding of his works. The world of him being rooted into my everyday life , cracking every piece of the foundation being exposed to the world to finally opening my eyes and seeing I'm not a princess. Nor will I allow anyone to call me that . Because the religion I grew to know was not at all what I thought it was and my relationship was being overpowered just to be a perfect Christian. That's why when they preach religion vs relationship they teach us that we need a better attitude to understand that Jesus is our savior and not our religion, and that is the key to a great relationship with Christ because you think you know you better than anyone knows you but he knows you better than you know you .