Samoht D.

Camp Elevate 2014

This is the third time I've been to camp and every year I try and I pray for God to show me him, to let me hear him, that I want to be nothing but what He wants me to be. Every year I get prayed for and I hear the same thing to keep praying and don't worry about myself that God says I was meant to help people to make them see and have God, but I never really listen. I always prayed for just myself for the fact that I didn't here Him.

So yesterday, once again, I got told the same thing, keep praying and help other people. During service, I began to pray, but about myself and I thought about how every year I heard the same thing. I stopped my selfish praying and I began to pray for others. I prayed for a lot of people and I noticed that after I prayed for them, I looked up and I seen they went to pray for other people. I was shocked and it made me so happy.

I remembered how ministry starts in your home, so I began to pray and ask God what does he want me to do and he told me to think of my family, so I began to pray for my family, but I felt like God wanted me to do more, so I said, "what now God?" Like any other time, when he wants me to pray, my leg starts shaking and my heart starts burning, so I repeatedly asked, "what now?"

He faced me to a friend and I asked, "What am I supposed to do? do you want me to pray for here?" He spoke the words to my heart and led me to tell this friend, "whenever she prays for someone, she gets happy and she feels the spirit of God." Earlier that day, here counselor prayed for her and told her that God wants her to give Him her all. I believed what God wanted would benefit them both in a positive way. I asked my friend if she would pray for my cousin and she did, and I did as well.

With all of this going on, Oraia told people to come to the altar if they want to feel God's presence and know what He wants for them. the whole time my friend and I were praying for my cousin and we finished and began singing worship and praise. Pastor Chad comes to the stage and says, "everyone who wants to feel God's presence and know what He wants from them, raise your hand." I looked up and I saw my cousin up there raising her hands and I completely felt God's presence. I began to think and believe what everyone was telling me, "I should listen and follow what he wants." I gave my life to God, I felt the Holy Spirit and I feel great. When i get down this mountain, I'm going to keep following Christ and follow what Jesus wants