Monique R.

Haiti 2014

It’s really difficult to top such an amazing trip like the one we just had. From a first-timer’s standpoint, what the Lord did in my heart for the people of Haiti was so sweet. The first night after everything was over I was in my room and Felicia and I were going over the day. God let me experience their hopelessness in my heart and I could not stop crying for them.

As the days went on I saw how God would give them hope. He used us to show them how loved they were and that they were not forgotten by any means. I had never been out in the streets witnessing to people and I was blown away at the number of people who were hungry and came to the rally we invited them to. It was so beautiful to see these people show up and give their hearts to the Lord to the extent of bringing their families with them.

Jesus might be the only hope they have but He is absolutely the only hope they need. There is nothing too hard for Him and I can’t wait to go back to see even more people come to him. Haiti came to feel like home. My heart was definitely moved and opened wide for Haiti!