Julles H.

Puerto Rico 2014

Wow, how do I even begin? God really does saves and changes lives. After about nine months in church and about three being part of the worship band, I was told about Metamorphosis, so I decided I'd go. My mom didn't have the money though, so I had to start thinking that I would not go. On Sunday 13th, as I came down from the altar the pastor came up to me and said to me that I had to walk in faith, and that I was going to camp.

I was at camp the first day and things were pretty normal, I hadn't gone there with an specific petition, but I did have a question. As we were worshiping I didn't feel connected to God, but I kept my arms up and praising and worshiping with all of me, so I could maybe get a glimpse of Him. I opened my eyes and I looked into the eyes of Diera, and something within me made me close my eyes because I knew something great would happen. She started praying and since then things were pretty crazy. After all the things that happened, I could feel some kind of peace I had never felt before.

The second day was good, too, but the third one my question was answered, when God through Pastor Chad talked to me and told me that I had to open my heart to Him.

Today, three days after camp, I am so glad that God provided, so glad I made it there, so glad that this experience will last forever in my heart, and so glad that I am now finally able to praise Him and feel so connected. I want to be nothing but light in the darkness, nothing but a follower of Christ. I can now give testimony that after this camp I was transformed, that after this experience I am now Lionhearted. I want to be His forever, and I know it will be that way.

God is awesome, and I thank Him for every single person that attended there, because they were all a blessing. And to you, the Elevate team, thank you for working for and with God. You're all awesome, and all of you touched my heart in some kind of way, and will stay there forever.